Deliona Foods - great meals for time-poor people

Nutritious – Delicious – Convenient

Too busy to cook dinner tonight? You can solve your problem with great meals from Deliona Foods.

We’re right here on the Fraser Coast with a stockist near you!

Nutritious, delicious and satisfying meals

You get your choice of a wide range of fresh, chef-prepared, snap-frozen single-serve meals that can be re-heated in a microwave in just a few minutes.

Your meals will always contain fresh local produce wherever possible and they will always contain ingredients sourced from within Queensland.

We give you that guarantee so that you know that you are always going to best quality possible.

Snap frozen for your convenience

Every Deliona meal is packed and snap frozen as soon as the cooking process is finished so the goodness and the freshness is locked in.

You get the convenience of a frozen meal without losing any of the advantages of a fresh-cooked meal … and you get it in just minutes with no mess and no fuss.

Eat well without cooking a thing

It’s possible to eat well and feed your family well and not have the time to cook anything.

Deliona foods makes it possible